House of Annihilation Chapter 27 [5E]

“I’m glad I ran away, or l’d just have blood all over me”

Exhausting every option solving a puzzle of torrential waves, the party discovers an evil that was hiding under their own noses, and Horrik maneuvers his way into an incident on the fourth level of the tomb.

Album Art:

Artwork by @shaunmakes
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Shaun as The Dungeon Master
Alex as Horrik Jones
Cristina as Douglas
Dan as Leanni ‘Leanna’ Servana
Jake as Krait

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“Twisted”, “Babylon”, “Artifact”, “Industrial Cinematic”, “Lithium”, “Black Vortex”, “Dragon Toast”, “Five Armies”, “River of Io”, “Enter the Maze”,”Faceoff”, “Cortosis”, “Thunderbird”, “Brittle Rille”
Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0