House of Annihilation Finale Part 2 [5E]

“Put a boat on him!”

Having nearly lost a member of the party in their battle with the Atropal, the party has just a moment’s time to lick their wounds before facing the architect of the soul monger, Acererak the Demi-Lich

Artwork by @shaunmakes
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Shaun as The DM
Cristina as Douglas
Dan as Leanni ‘Leanna’ Servana
Jake as Krait
Trevor as Moore

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“Twisted”, “Dark Fog”, “Babylon”, “Echoes of Time”, “Darkness Speaks”, “Dopplerette”, “Faceoff”, “Rising Game”, ‘Dragon and Toast”, “Invariance”, “Nerves”, “Five Armies”, “Consequence”, “Stormfront”, “Minima”, “Take a Chance”, “Heavy Heart”, “Brittle Rille”
Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0