Blackout Chapter 9 [The Sprawl]

“Drone Cop 2: Drunk Cop”

Another day in Applewood Terrace sees a house party, a mysterious delivery, blackmail and more. All the while, the Skiptracers are closing in on the

Countdown Clocks
Album Art:
Artwork by Trevor Geiske
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Jake as The GM
Alex as Garrett as Cecil Slacks
Cristina as Olivia as Cynthia Slacks
Dan as Tiss as Gene Slacks
Shubert as Bunk as Biu Enke

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“Verified Profile”, “Bleach”, “Dry Headline”, “Utter Cruelty”, “Humbled”, “Deadlines”, “A Quiet Moment”, “Vloggers”, “Mourning Sunrise”, “Henderson”
John Julius ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0