Blackout Chapter 19 [The Sprawl]

Episode Notes

“Secret Hot Tub”
STAKE OUT! 🎵 The group finalizes their preparations and plans and leave for Exhale. Olivia discovers she and Mimi Moji have a common history.

Album Art:
Artwork by @shaunmakes
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Jake as The GM
Cristina as Jin Bae
Dan as Tiss
Shaun as Cass
Shubert as Bunk

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“Beachfront Property”, “Dry Headline”, “Skirting the Issue”, “Topics Wanting”, “Mourning Sunrise”, “Tracking”, “Pan for Quarters”, “Utter Cruelty”, “Dubious Fawn”, “Branches”, Vloggers”, “Henderson”
John Julius Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0