5 VanTle Restaurants Worth Canceling your QuickBite Subscription For

By Jake Shultz


For those of you counting calories, check out Kaletown in central Van for a great selection of vegetarian bites, made with fresh ingredients synthesized on site. Grab a kaleboat for a seriously healthy and guaranteed grammable lunch.

The Mustard Point

A popular food truck serving hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches made with unique and inventive toppings. Nobody knows exactly when and where the Mustard Point will show up – download the “Dijon Alert” app and play the ARG to discover clues leading to the next location.

The Boilerplate

From the top of the “Business End” Hotel, the Boilerplate offers a stunning view of the VESL Muzzle. This prestigious restaurant hosts some of the most important businessmen and dignitaries for high powered lunches, negotiations, and wheeling and dealing every day. Famous for their seafood, try the Squid Pro Quo or the Caviar Emptor.

Deep Dive Pizza

Having recently expanded from the east coast sprawl, Deep Dive Pizza is finally available in VanTle. Known for pairing pizza with full-immersion VR experiences, you can chow down on the Meat Lovers from the top of Mount Everest, or enjoy a Hawaiian while fighting off zombie hordes. (People that like Hawaiian pizza are the type that don’t tell you when they’ve been bit, amirite?)

Orbital BonbonMint

If you make a trip up to Luna, make sure you stop by this hip candy shop at the terminal to pick up souvenirs on your way home. They offer a HUGE number of fancy sweets, and you can choose your favorites to make your own selection box. Pro tip: Combine the Mass Driver Mousse with a Jovian Swirl for a taste that’s out of this world!