The Myriad Market

Hello everyone, Jake here with a quick announcement.

I wanted to let you know that my new DnD5e supplement, The Myriad Market, is available now on DMsGuild.

Includes art by Shaun and Trevor.

“To all those seeking the finest in wares both new and second-hand, make your way to the town square on the 9th and 10th day of Flamerule to attend our famous street market. Enjoy a walk through the plaza with live music and exceptional food while browsing the magnificent goods offered by our vendors hailing from all four corners of the realm. Children must be accompanied by an adult.”

    -Brochure for the Myriad Market

Tired of every shopping session turning into a deep dive through tables and sub tables of generic items that pulls you out of the game?

This book gives you a narrative experience along with six shopkeepers and thirty unique items, each with tantalizing glimpses into the story behind the shopkeepers and their goods from which to draw inspiration, engage your players and enjoy a lovely day at the market

This book is designed for DMs and can be easily inserted into any campaign. The shops and their wares are presented narratively, with descriptions and shopkeeper dialogue for each. Statistics for each item are given separately, with the intention of creating an enjoyable roleplaying experience from meeting the shopkeepers, perusing their offerings and getting glimpses into the stories behind themselves and their items.

The items were designed to be offbeat and wondrous, with unusual effects or drawbacks that set them apart from just another +1 sword. Additionally, not every shopkeeper truly understands (or tells the whole truth about) the effects of the items in their possession…