Blackout Chapter 27 [The Sprawl]

Episode Notes

“Geriatrics Against Gentrification”

The group learns they’re not the only ones interested in the Axiom and are warned that they may be in over their heads. They proceed to the victim’s residence, hoping for answers but finding something else entirely. Countdown Clocks

Album Art:
Artwork by @shaunmakes
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Jake as The GM
Alex as Garrett
Cristina as Olivia
Dan as Tiss
Shubert as Bunk

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“Beachfront Property”, “Utter Cruelty”, “Bleach”, “Mourning Sunrise”, “Tracking”, “Topics Wanting”, “1m8d2p0y”, “Ace Any Math”, “Henderson”
John Julius Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0