An Editorial on Minecraft Anarchy Servers (Part 1 of 3)

by @ianrandmckenzie

Minecraft gameplay largely consists of creative collaboration, a peaceful world where it’s players vs. zombies and dragons. Where creativity thrives, and prosperous villages spring up, and fun may be had by all.

In this post, I’ll be bringing you to the underbelly of Minecraft servers. Anarchy Minecraft servers. A place where there are zero rules, people are free to murder, grief bases, say disgusting and hateful things, and in doing so are completely immune to server moderator or administrator action.

But Ian, why on God’s green Earth would you want to play a server like this?

Let me ask you this: How interesting is Lord of the Rings without Mount Doom? The Hunger Games without an oppressive government? Superman without Lex Luthor?

The reality is, to me, most Minecraft servers are painfully boring. There is no conflict. You are protected by the benevolent god-like server administrators where if someone hurts you, they will be banished forever, and your wounds and destroyed base will be magically amended by them.

No, on anarchy servers, you are granted no such protection. On anarchy servers, you begin to see a battle of good against evil. And, much like the real world, dozens of layers of grey areas of everything between said good and evil. When your beautiful utopian base is at risk of being blown to smithereens at a moment’s notice – it makes it all that much more special.

Many historical sights aren’t remarkable because of their design or architecture – they’re simply remarkable because they’ve stood the test of time, living monuments of days past. It truly is an amazing thing when something you create in a video game can very much leave that same mark. At least within the context of Minecraft Servers.

Whether you choose to be a toxic jerk or a paragon of virtue, these servers create a dynamic atmosphere of conflict and collaboration. When you find allies, they are truly treasured relationships. Like soldiers in the trenches. Or, remain a lone wolf and trust no one. Show everyone what you can accomplish by pure force of will.

If you’re a programmer, show off your elite hacking skills by finding dupe exploits or engineering a custom client that dominates people in PvP. If you’re an artist, create map arts and sell/distribute them for people to decorate their bases with. If you’re a writer like me, write books and poems and leave them around spawn for people to discover. As of today, I have over 80 books written on

So how do you become remarkable on a server, such as or, with an abundant and rich history? How do you make your mark on a place that has years of history? In my next post, I’ll go through the step-by-step on how I became ‘relevant’ (if that matters to you) within a matter of just a few weeks. My next post is scheduled for May. I’ll see you then!