Blackout Chapter 43 [The Sprawl]

Episode Notes

“I’m not sure how much Earth news you guys get…”

Garret, Tiss and Olivia are cornered by CANAR-E security forces. Meanwhile, Bunk tries to bribe and sneak his way through the station. Countdown Clocks

Album Art:
Artwork by Jake
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio

Jake as The GM
Alex as Garrett
Cristina as Olivia
Dan as Tiss
Shubert as Bunk

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“Breachfront Property”, “Poe”, “Dubious Fawn”, “Amen Salty”, “Deadlines”, “Humbled”, “Bleach”, “Dry Headline”, “Mourning Sunrise”, “Thoughts”, “Vloggers”, “Henderson”
John Julius Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0