Ochre is a small spirit that manifests once a year in a sleepy country village. It was originally a benevolent harvest deity, using its magic to ensure a bountiful Autumn harvest to carry the village through the winter. Ochre would cultivate great fields of pumpkins and gourds in a wide variety.

One year, during summer when Ochre was dormant, a traveling merchant brought a variety of enchanted sweets and candies that were unlike anything the villagers had tasted before. The merchant sold them magical sugarcane crops, and the villagers replaced the pumpkin fields with sugarcane. When Ochre returned, he had absorbed immense amounts of the new sugar through the fields and became feverishly addicted. While he still provides for the villagers, he now demands a yearly offering of candy, sugary treats and junk food, threatening to curse those who refuse.

Ochre appears as a small, hyperactive humanoid with rough, wood-like skin wearing a brown tunic with an orange hood. A wide smile reveals swollen, bloody gums, and heavily yellowed teeth. Decorative gourds hang from his belt, with intricate carvings of country landscapes. He carries a large hollowed pumpkin, which he holds out expectantly, waiting for an offering. He doesn’t speak, but understands Common. 

If one provides Ochre with an appropriate offering, he will return the favor with a treat from his own vast collection, randomly selected from the Treat table below. An inappropriate offering has no effect, (other than visible disappointment) but should one refuse to provide an offering at all, they are afflicted with a random curse from the Trick table below. Should Ochre be attacked, he disappears in a swirl of Autumn leaves, cursing the attacker to suffer a random Trick each day for 31 days. 


All treats are consumed when used. 

1 – Skeleton Gummy: You receive 1d4+1 small gelatin candies shaped like a skeleton. If you pour water on a gummy, it will begin to grow into a 12ft tall animate skeleton over a period of 1 minute. The giant skeleton will follow your commands, but moves too slowly and is too squishy to be of any real use in combat. However, it does give you a +2 bonus on intimidation checks. The skeleton lasts for 24 hours, after which it dissolves completely. 

2 – Sugar Rush:  You receive 1d4+1 small chocolates that when consumed as a bonus action gives you Haste until the end of your next turn. After the effect subsides, you are affected by Slow until the end of your next turn. 

3 – Pink Blady: You receive 1d4+1 shiny red apples. A held apple can be activated by cackling like a witch. If you do, a blade erupts from the apple, turning into a +1 bladed weapon of your choice. The blade quickly begins to brown and rot, becoming useless mush after 8 hours. 

4 – Immortal Gobstoppers: You receive 1d4+1 hard, round candies. So long as you’re sucking on a gobstopper, you don’t age and require no food, air or water. You also receive disadvantage on Persuasion checks and must succeed on a DC10 Constitution saving throw to cast any spell with a Verbal component.  A gobstopper can last for 1 month. 

5- Sour Tape: You receive 1d4+1 rolls of chewy candy strips. One roll of tape can be used to wrap a medium or smaller creature, in a process that takes 1 minute. When wrapped, any creature that hits you with a bite or swallow attack must make a DC 15 Constitution save. On a failure, the attack fails, the attacker takes 4d6 acid damage and is stunned until the end of their next turn. On a successful save the attack succeeds, the attacker takes half damage and is not stunned. The attacker must repeat this save at the start of every turn if you are swallowed. Once wrapped, the tape lasts for 24 hours or until a creature fails their save against its effects.

6- Instacostume: You receive 1d4+1 flavorless candies wrapped in plain parchment paper. When eaten, you don an illusory costume chosen at random from the table below. The illusions are legally distinct and last for 24 hours.

    1 – Many-Eyed Orb Monster

    2 – Dual-Wielding Drow Ranger w/ Large Black Cat Companion

    3 – Gazebo

    4 – Bald Ranger w/ Rodent of Extraterrestrial Origin

    5 – BearOwl

    6 – Roll again, add “Sexy___”


Each trick lasts for 24 hours.

1- Webs: Every time you would move more than 10ft in a single round, roll a d20. On a 1, you run into a spiderweb and become restrained until the end of your turn. 

2- Pumpkin Rot: Any food or vegetation within 5 ft of you transforms into pumpkins, squashes and various gourds that immediately begin to shrivel and rot. 

3- Crows: You are followed by a large murder of crows that perch on nearby trees, buildings, and rafters. For each coin, gem, piece of jewelry, or other small treasure object you find, roll a d20. On a 1, a crow swoops in and steals it. (For large piles of treasure, just have the crows skim 5% instead of rolling a d20 a thousand times.)

4- Jack-O’-Lantern: You are followed by a mischievous fire spirit that only you can see. Each hour, 1d4+1 squares adjacent to you catch on fire. 

5- Poltergeist: The ghost of a petulant child follows you around, throwing temper tantrums. Whenever you roll initiative and half-way through each short rest, 1d4+1 non-magic items on your person are tossed 30ft away in random directions.

6- Pitchfork: A small red devil that only you can see follows you, antagonizing everyone you meet by prodding them with his pitchfork. You have disadvantage on Charisma skill checks. The first time you fail a Charisma check targeting a particular creature, that creature takes 1 piercing damage.