Another One-Shot Zine!

Continuing my newfound obsession with pocket zines, I am bringing you another one shot adventure! This time your adventurers will find themselves attempting to cross a treacherous bridge to reach the other side. Why? I don’t know, come on man.

Here are some shots of my sketchbook planning:

Sketching out a bridge, thinking about the layout and “zones” before really getting into any detail about encounters or hazards.

Insert this into any adventure where you need to fill some travel time, as a random encounter, or use it as an adventure seed if your players are curious as to what caused the strange magical mutations to the giant kingfisher haunting The Screaming Bridge.

Thinking about what is most important to me for the adventure, paring things down.

I’ve included a list of Pathfinder 2e stat blocks for this adventure, but it should be very simple to convert to Dungeons and Dragons 5E, or any other system you may play. The important parts for the monsters are: the Troll Fragments fuse permanently onto their hosts if they knock the host unconscious with their Fuse ability, and the Kingfisher has an acid vomit breath weapon. I also strongly recommend the Kingfisher grabbing up small creatures and dropping them in the river.

Download a printable copy of this zine here:

Print in colour and flip on the short end. Fold down the middle and cut in half for two copies of the zine!

Don’t like printing in colour, try this one: