Formerly a fellow gamer in the group’s early years, Ian moved away from Calgary and lost touch with the crew. Seeing the House of Bob posts on social media, he wanted to reconnect with the group by building the website you’re on right now. A web and mobile app designer and developer by trade, Ian builds and maintains House of Bob’s website and integrations. 

You may know Ian from...

Comox Valley Comic Con 2019

Hobcast & Curious Markings Booth Operator

What Ian's up to these days...


psychoSoftware is an app that helps you build web and mobile apps with code, and especially for those who don’t want to code.

Meeting Ado

Meeting Ado is a white label scheduling app that lets you record friendly video invitations. You should try it, it’s really cool!

Free & Open Source Software

Software is freedom. With infinite reproduction through copy/paste, I have a duty to share this freedom with everyone.