Gunsmoke takes place in a city named the Spire, an impossible mile-high city ruled by cruel high elves.

You have joined the Ministry of Our Hidden Mistress, a paramilitary cult that worships a forbidden goddess, and sworn in blood to avenge the wrongs placed upon you and your people. You have made an oath to fight the high elves, to subvert and capture their resources, and to take Spire back into dark elf hands once more.

It is a cruel and thankless task, and your family would most likely report you to the city guard if they found out what you did at night. But it is a task you have sworn to perform, and you will kill for it. You will die for it, too.

Gunsmoke is played with the Spire RPG system from Rowan, Rook and Decard.

Gunsmoke Episode 09 (The SpireRPG

“It’s the vermissian, baby!” “A Resurgence of Forbidden Religions: Council Issues Warning to Practitioners of Faiths Deemed Unseemly.     “ “WA–ED: Two Dr– by the na-es –ic

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